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Unscripted & Scripted

Sammi Mendenhall was that kid who wrote and produced over-priced neighborhood plays; and even then, she was a perfectionist at casting the right person for the right role.  She also liked to watch the news with her grandfather.  So, it was no surprise that after graduating with a BA in Journalism from The Ohio State University, she would start her career as a creative writer / producer in news. 


After working in Atlanta, GA; Richmond, VA; and Seattle, WA shops, with two Emmy nominations under her belt, and her creative skills in tow, Sammi moved to Los Angeles where she parlayed her experience of working with all types of news talent and interviewing all types of people, into casting unscripted and scripted projects.  As such, Sammi approaches the casting process with a firm understanding of the creative process and knows how to find the story behind the story.

When Sammi isn't casting, writing, producing, developing, or pitching, she's traveling to far off places like Patagonia and the North Pole.